Physical Organic Chemistry

Physical Organic Chemistry teaches natural science that highlights on the bond between reactivity and synthetic structures specifically, applying preliminary devices of physical science to the analysis of natural atoms. Particular central purposes of study combines the rate of natural responses. Such reviews give pragmatic and hypothetical systems to see how changes in structure in arrangement or strong state settings affect response instrument and rate for every natural response of complication. The field has applications to a wide array of more specific fields, including polymer and supra molecular science, electro and photochemistry, enzymology, bioorganic science, and synthetic science, and in addition to business ventures including process science, substance designing, materials science and nanotechnology, and medication revelation.
  • Atomic theory
  • Biophysical Chemistry
  • Thermochemistry and quantum chemistry
  • Chemical bonding, aromaticity, anti and homoaromaticity and structures
  • Solvent effects and isotope effects on organic reactions
  • Acidity, nucleophilicity and electrophilicity
  • Equilibria

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