Chemistry of Pharmaceuticals

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 It deals with many organic and inorganic compounds for the manufacture of drugs. These drugs are used by every one in every possible way. If with out any knowledge one intakes them, severe problems will arise. So to avoid these problems organic chemistry knowledge is compulsory. This helps in understanding the reaction mechanism, interaction between molecules, types of reactions, effect on the area to be treated etc. So one who want to develop a drug , intake a drug , business a drug should have a proper knowledge of organic chemistry. This is the reason why organic chemistry knowledge is mandatory for every pharmacy related person.

  • Recent Discoveries in Drugs
  • Innovative Pharmaceuticals for Diseases , Treatments
  • Latest Research for Preventive Medication
  • Medical Devices for Checkups
  • Recent Developments in Pharmaceutical Industry
  • New Techniques in Formulation
  • Upcoming, Recent, Advanced Quality Checking, Quality Control Measures for Drugs
  • Current Trends
  • Future and Scope of Pharmaceuticals

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