Organic Chemistry in Bio-Technology

Organic Chemistry in Bio-Technology Photo

Bio technology deals with many areas that have good influence in market. One of such thing is bio fuels from algaesoap nuts etc. Not only bio fuelsbio technology has its hand in rDNA technology , hybridization. For all these we use a wide variety of chemicals with specific mechanism. If one can understand these mechanisms carefully the product will be helpful. So to understand these mechanisms carefully and utilize them for bright future basics in organic chemistry is required. A person with good organic chemistry basics can understand the mechanisms of reactions that happen can utilize the knowledge for global cause. In this way bio technology uses organic chemistry in it.

  • Healthcare
  • Crop production
  • Agriculture
  • Bio-degradable plastics, vegetable oils
  • Bio fuels from algae, soap nuts and etc
  • Molecular engineering
  • Recent discoveries, rDNA technology
  • Latest research
  • Future and scope of bio technology

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