Organic Chemistry in Agriculture

Organic Chemistry in Agriculture Photo

The basic food production to everyone is agriculture. From seed sowing to crop cutting every where chemicals are used in one form or the other. To get a better crop farmers use different varieties of chemicals in the form of fertilizers and pesticides. Since these are all chemicals they had to follow some ratios for good output. All this knowledge of interactions, ratios, region of influence will be known only when the person knows the basic information of organic chemistryOrganic chemistry helps a pharmacist to prepare a particular pesticide and fungicide that will be helpful to farmer to bring good yield. Hybrids are being developed these days for the beneficial of farmer. So organic chemistry helps the farmer to get good yield.

  • Plant Technology
  • Use of Pesticides and Fungicides
  • Hybrids , rDNA Technology
  • Recent Discoveries
  • Latest Research
  • Innovations in Plants Cultivation, Agriculture Instruments, Farming
  • Future and Scope of Agriculture

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