Chemistry of Beverages and Fermentation

Chemistry of Beverages and Fermentation Photo

 In daily life we come across many fermented products without knowing them. One of such fermented product is organic acids. Though we all know the importance of organic acids we don’t know how they are produced in plants and animals. For this reason organic chemistry knowledge is necessary. This helps us in understanding what happens with a particular compound because of nearby compounds, molecules acting on them, converting them from one form to another, process of conversions and everything. In this way organic chemistry knowledge helps us.

  • Traditional Fermentation Beverages - Wine, Alcohol, Beer
  • modern fermentation beverages - lacto fermented soda, rejuvelac , water kefir , dairy kefir etc
  • fermented dairy products- cheese
  • fermented food products- sauerkraut, kimchi
  • enzymes , organic acids , alcohols
  • recent discoveries, latest research, innovations, scope and future of fermentation and beverages

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